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Almost any 3D format can be printed.


The files are reviewed and you are informed of any issues that may arise in printing


Your print will be run through an algorithm to determine how much plastic will be used. Paypal is currently the only payment type.


Your parts will be printed as many times as needed to ensure a quality prouduct at no extra cost.

There are 3 ways of having creation of your own printed.

  1. E-Mail - Work with me directly.
  2. Treatstock - A third party that can handle quality control and payment.
  3. 3D Hubs - A third party that has great customer service along with their own guaranteed payment method.

Have a quesiton or need something modeled? 

  • Modeling conversions are available if you have a black and white image or vector. Those can easily be converted into 3D printed objects and will cost $4.99
  • Models can be created from thin air or ideas you may have. Depending on the complexity it shouldn't cost more than $19.99 
  • Leave your idea or upload your files below and you can get an estimate as to how much it will cost 

Credits : Pan Flute, Pieta

Pre-Made items


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